产品名称:infltable hair basin
Inflatable Hair Washing Basin Portable Shampoo Tray wtih Water Container Shower 

Size: approx 62*51*22CM (Inflatable )

Package Size:approx 22.5*2*5CM

Weight : about 530g

Package Include:

1* Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

1* Water Tube 

1* Water Container 

1* Waterproof Chest Cover 

1* Waterproof Back Pad

Feature :

*100% Brand New.

* Made of heavy-duty PVC.

* Simple and Easy to Use .

* Simplifiles shampooing a person shile in bed .

* Supports the head ,neck and shoulders during shampooing.

* High Double Tube Design helps prevent splashing.

* Compact ,Comfortable ,Convenient .

* Inflatables and Deflates quickly.

* Inflated in seconds by mouth or air pump.

* Heavy duty vinyl conforms to the patients head so they rest comfortably 

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